Instantly Adjustable Rack System
Instantly Adjustable Rack System


SPACE Storage Systems saves its clients up to 40% on expensive wasted SPACE.

SPACE Storage Systems is the only storage company in Southern Africa to provide this new innovative and unique storage technology in the form of the Instantly Adjustable Rack System (IARS). The Instantly Adjustable Rack System allows you to eliminate the wasted space between racks allowing you to maximise your storage SPACE and minimise your operational budget.

It has been years since such innovation took place in the field of storage systems. It is this unique product and capability as well as our other products such as the WalkLift and Outstore that set us apart from what is available in the industry today.

SPACE Storage Systems is based in Pretoria, South Africa. We distribute our unique storage products throughout Southern Africa by making use of regional distributors. If you are interested in acquiring distribution rights for a region, please complete our application form.

We welcome any specific product or business process related enquiries. Simply complete our enquiries form.

We would appreciate the opportunity to contribute towards the profit margin of your company through our innovative products, service and commitment.

The financial benefits resulting from your association with us will be that you will continue to save MONEY and SPACE as we put you back in control of your storage configuration. Our unique product will allow you to either reduce the floor space required or to maximise the utilisation of your existing storage SPACE.




SPACE Storage Systems' unique storage system products include:

Instantly Adjustable Rack System Rack System Example The unique and patented BAN-AIR Instantly Adjustable Racking System (IARS).
The ultimate flexibility in rack and pallet storage with user-configured locations to maximize storage density and... read more.
WalkLift WalkLift The unique and patented WalkLift.
A WalkLift, or integrated lifting and handling device, can make the storage and retrieval of heavy, bulky items sa... read more.
OutStore OutStore The unique combined IAR System & OutStore Solution.
Innovative, feature-rich storage and crane buildings for small to medium-sized applications fully steel-clad ‘war... read more.
Stanley Vidmar Stanley Vidmar example Stanley Vidmar Cabinets and their MINIMEZZ and MAXIMEZZ Solutions.
Stanley® Vidmar® is America’s premier manufacturer of modular, heavy-duty and high-density storage solutions for ... read more
Air Pallet Rack Air Pallet Rack Example The Air Pallet Rack has been custom designed for the efficient storage of aluminum aircraft pallets, particularly ... read more
Security Cabinet Unique wide range of Pallet & Accessory Solutions. read more

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